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Mainstreaming Alternative Perspectives (MAP) is a platform that promotes alternative models of development that promote the transition to a new green economy which is sustainable, inclusive and resilient. Our aim is to showcase and strengthen on-the-ground practices, promoting well-being for people and the planet.
If you think you or your organisation are an agent of change join our journey and map yourself!

What we do

We aim to strengthen action and knowledge to accelerate the transition towards new green economy. Our MAP is a repository of initiatives across various sectors that will help carve out a fairer and greener development pathway for South Asia. trialogue 2047 is a series of discussions that will assist in steering the direction of the debate towards a desired transition. Our Publications will disseminate knowledge on alternative models of development. Through our iLab, we aim to support and nurture action on-the ground. Click on the links below to view each of these further.
3345 Mastering
3345 Mastering
3345 Mastering